Financial Support

At first thought, the idea of paying for your university education can be daunting. Don’t worry: here’s where you’ll find help with planning and managing your financial life during your years at Innis College, and beyond. 

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Daniela Pirraglia, Innis College financial aid advisor, can guide you to create a manageable financial action plan. Bring her your questions; here are a few of the topics she can help with:

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Daniela Pirraglia, Innis College’s financial aid advisor, is your best resource to start with if you have questions about funding your degree.

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Find your funding

Check out these sources of funding to help you pay for your degree.

OSAP tips

UTAPS stands for the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students program. It is U of T’s largest need-based support program and covers the financial gap between a student’s actual education costs and the costs recognized by their provincial/territorial government student financial aid program. In other words, UTAPS covers unmet financial need. Through UTAPS, U of T provides non-repayable grants to students to help cover this financial need gap, or unmet need.

To be considered for UTAPS, you must complete and submit an application through the Need Navigator, including any required supporting documentation, by the deadline.

U of T’s Work Study Program is especially useful for students attending the University who need convenient, part-time paid work, usually on campus. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge, skills, and work experience. Learn about Work Study eligibility and the application process.

Grants, also known as bursaries, are available to eligible Innis students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance. For Canadian students, need is typically confirmed through receipt of government loans.

Grant assistance can also be extended to international students who demonstrate financial need.

Grants do not have to be re-paid.

Grants are not available for Summer sessions.

Students should complete the U of T Grant Application, which can be found on ACORN. Then book an appointment with the Innis College financial aid counsellor, Daniela Pirraglia, to discuss your application. We recommend that international students book an appointment with Daniela first to discuss your circumstances.

Scholarships and awards can also help with funding your degree. Unless awarded or confirmed before a school year begins, a scholarship shouldn’t be relied upon for financial planning purposes. Still, it is important to know that Innis has a number of scholarships and awards, and U of T has many more. You are considered automatically for Innis awards based on academic achievement. Innis awards for volunteer and leadership activity have applications and we encourage you to consider applying if you are involved in an extracurricular activity that is meaningful to you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for scholarship opportunities both on campus and off. And if you are receiving OSAP or another government student loan, you may be eligible for awards based on financial need.

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Fees, payments, and refunds

If you have a balance remaining in your student account, you must pay it before registering for your next session. Specific details pertaining to fee schedules, due dates, and refund process are available at Student Accounts. If you have any questions about fees or refunds, reach out to the Innis Registrar’s Office.

U of T also has an online financial planning calculator to help you figure out all of your tuition and living costs for the year.