Quiet Spaces

Innis College is your home. And like most homes, we have a quiet space or two where you can study, daydream, check your social media without being disturbed, rest your eyes or your legs, and … just be silent.

Have we missed any? Let us know.

Library foyer lounge

Outside the main entrance to the library on the second floor of the College is the library foyer lounge. It’s ideal for studying solo or in a small group, hanging out or “resting your eyes” between classes. Comes complete with comfortable couches and tables.

Quiet study space (third floor)

The third floor of the east wing of the College has a series of study carrels, just outside the library. You’re kind of alone, but you can see into the library through the glass walls.

Innis College Library

This is the perfect quiet space to study, with plenty of desks throughout.

Innis Residence events room

The events room in the Innis Residence is a multi-use space available to all Innis College students in residence. During exams it becomes a 24/7 quiet study space for use by all Innis students, including non-residents.

Rooftop patio

The Rooftop patio CAN be a quiet place (but sometimes not), where you can bring your coffee, sit under an umbrella, or just gaze up at the sky. Depending on the time of day — busy at lunch and dinner, but quieter at many other times — it’s the perfect space to become one with yourself.

Commuter Student Lounge

Located in the back corner of the College in Room IN105, the lounge tends to be a quiet nook for studying or hanging out. If you’re feeling hungry, it’s got a kitchenette, with a toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and kettle.