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Innis Residence Leadership Award

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OSL Applications

Work Study and Volunteer positions in the Innis Office of Student Life are now available for the 2016-2017 school year!

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About Innis Residence

The Innis Residence is a community that places a high value on individual and collective responsibility, on co-operation, on a concern for others, and on creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. Life in the Residence requires a commitment from everyone: the welfare and development of the community are as important as the welfare and development of each student who lives in it.

The Residence also places great value on diversity. Residents come from different Faculties at the University, and from different places, and each has a unique background and personal history. This diversity is respected; indeed, it is one of the great values of residence life. Overall, the Innis Residence endeavors to provide an environment where its members may continue to work on academic and personal growth and development.

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Preparing for Residence

Long before you actually arrive at the Residence, your planning begins! You need to put together a list of things you’ll want to bring with you to make your residence room at Innis feel like “Home Suite Home”. However, there are some things that you really don’t need to pack because they are provided for you.

See the About the Residence page to see what furniture and items are provided for you.

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Touring the Residence

Innis Residence offers tours throughout the year. Tours leave from the Innis Residence Lobby. No reservations are necessary, simply inform the Front Desk staff you would like a tour.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer tours outside of the dates and times listed above. If you are unable to attend at these times, you are encouraged to check out the photo and video tours.

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